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Book premiere in Keszthely

13 September 2020

Sándor Szakály introduces György Kurucz’s new book „Kedves Hazámfiai, mozdulni kell..."  Georgikoni peregrinatio oeconomica a 19. század elején (“Sons of Hungary, the time has come to act…”: Georgikoni Peregrinatio Oeconomica at the Beginning of the 19th Century), published by Corvina Kiadó. László Kúnos, Corvina Kiadó Director, gives welcoming remarks. István Nagy, Hungarian Minister of Agriculture, critiques the book. 

Like his father Count György Festetics, who had founded the Georgikon, the higher education agricultural institute in Keszthely, in 1797, Count László Festetics also aspired to make the institute part of a European system of intellectual relations. In pursuit of this aspiration, he sent two young lecturers Pál Gerics, a physician and veterinarian, and József Lehrmann, a gardener and specialist in winemaking, from the Georgikon on a study trip to Western Europe in 1820. After many years of researching their letters and diaries, György Kurucz, professor at Károli Gáspár University, has written a book that not only provides us a look at the intellectual background and international network of the founding and operation of the Georgikon, but also shares the sometimes adventurous trip the two lecturers took to Silesia, Saxony, Prussia, the Kingdom of Hanover, other northern German cities, the Rhineland, the Low Countries, England, Scotland France, Switzerland and Italy.

Location: Festetics Palace, Kastély u. (Street) 1, Keszthely

Date: 3 PM on (Sunday) September 13th, 2020

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