VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

21 September 2020

The Eötvös József Research Center at the National University of Public Service and the VERITAS Institute jointly organize an academic conference entitled Trianon and Historiography. Sándor Szakály (Independent Hungarian State – Independent Hungarian Armed Forces: 1918–1922), Gábor Ujváry (How Hungarian Historiography Covered the Dismemberment of Hungary in 1918–1920), Attila Seres (The Treaty of Trianon from Moscow’s Perspective: A Soviet Political Publication and its Authors in 1926), Máté Gali (Hungarian Intellectual Reflections on Trianon during the Horthy Era) and András Joó (Nostalgia for a “Bygone Empire” in French Historiography: Examples of How Perceptions of Austria-Hungary Changed in French Historical Works) represent the VERITAS Institute at the conference.

Location: National University of Public Service, Ludovika Main Building, Zrínyi Miklós Hall, Ludovika tér (Square) 2, Budapest

Date: 9:20 AM on (Monday) September 21st, 2020