VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives


17 October 2020

The Zsuzsanna Lorántffy Women’s Association and the Miklós Horthy Association jointly organize an academic conference entitled Trianon 100.

Several of our colleagues have been invited to speak:

Róbert Hermann:  Seventy Years Earlier: Planning the Dismemberment of Hungary in 1848–1849

Sándor Szakály:  From Commander-in-Chief of the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Fleet to Hungarian Head of State: Miklós Horthy 1918–1922

Dávid Ligeti:  Military Consequences of Trianon and the Question of an Independent Hungarian National Defense (1918–1920)       

Gábor Ujváry:  Dismemberment of Hungary and Hungarian Historiography (1918–1920)

Gábor HollósiThe Hungarian Refugee Question (1920–1924)

Kálmán Árpád Kovács:   1918–21 Alternatives of Action in Protestant Memorial Literature

László Orosz:   Was Every Nationality Separatist? How the Germans of Hungary Felt About Trianon

Zoltán Dévavári:  Transylvania, the Highlands and the Southlands under a New Regime: The Political and Ideological History of the Separated Hungarians (1918–1941)  


The event is free, but if you wish to attend, you must register at the following email address:

Deadline to register: October 7th (Wednesday), 2020


Location: Szabó Dezső Catacomb Theater, Szabadság tér (Square) 2, Budapest

Date: 10 AM on (Saturday) October 17th, 2020