VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

03 July 2021

The next stop of the Versailles One Hundred Years Later lecture series is Nagymegyer (Veľký Meder, SK), where historian Dávid Bencze and our colleague Dávid Ligeti speak. Their lectures are entitled The Process of Regime Change in the Felvidék and Csallóköz and Trianon: The Fall of Historic Hungary, respectively. The lecture series on the Treaty of Trianon is organized by the Széchenyi Association of Budapest and the Szövetség a Közös Célokért (Association for Mutual Goals).

Location: Fészek Youth Center, Szent István u. (Street) 336/30, Nagymegyer (Veľký Meder, SK)

Date: 3 PM on (Saturday) July 3rd, 2021

Source of Image: Hungary Today