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09 April 2015

VERITASkonyvek 260ptOn (Thursday) April 9th, 2015, at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon, the Hungarian National Museum and the VERITAS Research Institute for History will introduce three new volumes: Iván Bába’s The System Changeover in Hungary, Eszter Zsófia Tóth’s József Antall’s Road to the Prime Ministership (1932-1989) and János Sáringer’s Writings about the Antall Administration’s Foreign Policy and Diplomacy I (May 1990 – December 1990). This event marks the first books published in the VERITAS Books series. Károly Kapronczay, György Granasztói and Ferenc Miszlivetz will appraise the books. Following the premier, our guests may enjoy a guided tour of the recently renovated permanent exhibition about the Hungarian Conquest.

The VERITAS Research Institute of History has come out with three noteworthy volumes this year; that is, after the foundational year of 2014, the institute will publish works on a regular basis going forward. The 2014 yearbook will see the light of day, and the institute, in collaboration with “Magyar Napló”, shall introduce its VERITAS Books series, which will gather the works of the three research teams (dealing with the 1867-1918, the 1918-44 and 1945-90 eras, respectively) into volumes. As stated in the founding charter, the published books’ objective is to present authentically and without distortion the respective eras’ momentous events, participants and public traditions, serving modern Hungarian historiography with a multi-disciplinary approach that supports educational needs, communal memory and national consciousness. These three new volumes accomplish all of the listed objectives. Both professional and civil circles will find them beneficial to read based on their newly uncovered findings, context and approach.

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