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Gábor Ujváry: “A European Type of Statesmen: Kuno Klebelsberg (1875-1932)”

09 April 2015

On April 9th (Thursday), 2015, at 5 PM, László L. Simon, István Hiller and András Gergely will discuss Gábor Ujváry’s recently released volume titled “A European Type of Statesmen: Kuno Klebelsberg” at an event moderated by Gergő Süveges and mutually hosted by the Hungarian National Museum and Kronosz Publishing.

One of a new series called “Sziluett, Korszerű történelmi életrajzok” (“Silhouette, Modern Historical Biographies”), the book’s title references Carl Heinrich Becker’s – one of most renowned international political scientists of the interwar period – assessment of Kuno Klebelsberg. In comparison to earlier works, this biography about the extraordinarily influential Hungarian Minister of Religion and Education pays much more attention to Klebelsberg’s pre-ministership, and later, the identity formation period of his life, while presenting his most important achievements by summarizing the findings of all earlier works about Klebelsberg. From this perspective, the volume fills in a historical gap. The event will be held in Todoreszku Hall at the Hungarian National Museum.


Sziluett kép 2015 4 09

(From right to left: Sarolta Botka, Kuno Klebelsberg’s wife; Klebelsberg himself; Carl Heinrich Becker, the famous orientalist – disciple of Goldziher – promoter of science and Prussian Minister of Culture; Róbert Gragger; Zoltán Magyary and three other friends can be seen on this photo from Galyatető, dated 1926.)


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