VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

Sándor Szakály to be honored for his public works with the A Világ Magyarságáért (‘For the Hungarians of the World’) Award

26 May 2015

Hungarian identity and values, cross-border associations and cooperation, and the slogans of “Hungarians for Hungarians” and “Unity without Borders!” all truly express the noble principles of common roots, of a common destiny and of belonging together. In this spirit, for the fifth year now, journalist, writer and president of the Panoráma Világklub, László Tanka, will be organizing the Hungarian World Meeting. This year the event will be held in multiple locations, including Budapest, Ópusztaszer, Szeged, Aranyosapáti and other communities between May 22-31.

On May 26th, at 6 PM, a ceremonial reception will be held in the great hall of the Uránia National Film Theater, where, along with others, Dr. Sándor Szakály, professor of history and Director of the VERITAS Reseach Institute for History, will receive the ‘For the Hungarians of the World’ Award.


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