VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives


16 June 2015

Post-communist Hungary’s great liability is that it did not completely adjust its legal system as historical experience would have entailed, and only partly dealt with pursuing justice. Since 2014, the Committee of National Remembrance has been working to pay off this liability by reorganizing the historical data at its disposal, uncovering statutory shortcomings and working on legislative proposals.

It is in this spirit that on June 16th (Tuesday), 2015, at 2 PM in the conference room of the R70 office building, a conference titled “Kádár, Biszku, …? Reprisals Following 1956” will be held. Among the notable presenters will be Tibor Zinner, the Subject Team Leader of the Post-1945 Research Team of the VERITAS Research Institute for History. As a result of his work researching the trials of the so-called socialist era, the interaction between the political leadership and the judiciary, the evolution of the judges’ independence, and the pressure exerted on society via the judiciary by the political leadership, he is considered an expert in the subject.


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