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A presentation at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

29 May 2015

The Hungarian Academy of Science’s Veszprém Regional Committee’s Philosophy Working Committee is hosting a working committee meeting and theoretical conference titled “Language, the Use of Language and the Language of Philosophy” on May 29th, 2015, to which experts of contemporary cultural anthropological and ethical research have been invited.Research Fellow Kálmán Árpád Kovács will be representing the VERITAS Research Institute for History with his presentation titled “The Language of Philosophy in the Protestant ‘Faith and Science” Debates in the Latter Half of the 19th Century” at the conference.


The presentation will examine the use of the language of philosophy in the protestant “faith and science” debates in the latter half of the 19th century. Kovács’ source materials include articles and studies from the flagship publications of the Hungarian protestant media: Egyházi és Iskolai Lap (Church and School Journal), Egyházi és Iskolai Figyelmező (Church and School Advisor), Protestáns Szemlé (Protestant Review) and Debreceni Protestáns Lap (Debrecen Protestant Journal), as well as selections from Lajos Erőss’ 1905 renowned Apológia (Apologia). The presentation can be divided into three structural units. 1) A brief summary of the intellectual historical roots of the changes in the intellectual spirit of the 19th century. 2) A brief characterization of the relationship of liberal (neo)orthodox and awakening home missionary theological movements to Roman Catholicism, German Idealism, positivism, materialism, evolutionism, Darwinism, Haeckelism, class-conflict socialism (Marxism) etc. 3) The understanding of their different points of view regarding science by placing them into the writers’ metaphysical thought processes. By “metaphysical” we mean the ontological, gnoseological and logical thought processes.


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