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Book premier

07 July 2015

Kutyaszorítóban című könyv borítója

On July 7th, 2015, at 5 PM, at the Hungarian National Museum, Attila Pók, Deputy Director of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Center for the Humanitites – Institute of History, and Sándor Szakály, the Director of the VERITAS Research Institute for History, will introduce the Hungarian edition of Deborah S. Cornelius’ book Hungary in World War II. Caught in the Cauldron, which had been originally published in 2011 by Fordham University Press. It has now been translated into Hungarian as part of the Rubicon Books series. Miss Cornelius will travel to Hungary and, as part of the book premier, participate in a discussion with Árpád Rácz, the editor in chief of Rubicon Historical Magazine, about the contents of the book and Hungarian politics during the interwar and bellum periods.

Miss Cornelius is an American historian who wrote her master’s thesis at Yale University on the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. She has been intensively studying Hungarian history since 1984 and traveling regularly to Hungary to do research since 1987. She began gathering data for this book in 2001.

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