VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

02 July 2015

The exclusive collection of last year’s research results and direction, the yearbook of the VERITAS Research Institute for History has just been released.

The mutual product of the VERITAS Institute and Magyar Napló Publishing, the VERITAS yearbook’s sixteen chapters over 440 pages epitomize preparation, commitment and diversity in terms of topics covered. The Institute’s three distinct eras are all equally represented in the tome: from the Dual Monarchy through the Horthy years up to the József Antall-Péter Boross administration (1867-1994). The book does not encompass what would typically be expected, which are the first year’s main events, data and results, but rather it has been put together in the voluntary, social and multilayered nature of a classic annales. In other words, it is the authors’ directed research, subjects, new fact findings, observations and approaches. Which is to say, their studies. One thing all the works share in common is historiography’s principle rule: it must be researched, presented and eternalized with neither anger nor bias (sine ira et studio).

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