VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

A camp in Ópusztaszer

16. - 19. July 2015

The Carpathian-based Camp of the Young Hungarian Historians opened with VERITAS Institute Director Sándor Szakály’s “Secret War” presentation, in which he discussed the intelligence and counterintelligence services that preceded Hungarian diplomacy and the execution of the army’s tasks in WWII.

Held on July 16 – 19th, this was the third time that the Meridionale Foundation’s summer camp for historians had been held. The Ópusztaszer National Memorial Park was the location of the camp.
Gábor Ferenc Kiss, the camp’s head organizer, said that “...the camp is unique among domestic academic events. This is partially so because the forty-one participants representing the younger generation of historians have come together here from every region of the Carpathian Basin. On the other hand it is also exceptional because after the academic presentations have been made, there are opportunities for socializing and making new friends.”
Attila Kovács, a doctoral candidate at the University of Szeged, said that following everyone’s arrival and the official opening of the camp, the participants gathered for a traditional Hungarian barbeque to set the proper mood. In the subsequent days they then listened to a total of twenty-four historical presentations on topics related to both great world wars.      

Written on the basis of Mária Hajcsák and’s article