VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

28 July 2015

The VERITAS Research Institute for History and Magyar Napló have mutually released Orsolya Büky’s The Knights of the Age (A szellem lovagjai), which is about the history of the Hungarian Corvin Chain, the Hungarian Corvin Wreath and the Hungarian Corvin Medal, and János BotosThe Fate of Hungarian Jewry’s Wealth 1938-1949 (A magyarországi zsidóság vagyonának sorsa 1938–1949).

It is no accident that the motto of one of the books (Sophocles: “The truth is always the strongest argument.”) is consistent with the Institute’s slogan, Ferenc Deák’s admonition that thou shall not lie. Following in the wake of these thoughts the academic and informative endeavors of the VERITAS Institute come to fruition more and more. The verbal actions (conferences, VERITAS Debate Nights and domestic and international presentations) of the Institute are wide-ranging, and its own homepage (along with its recently debuted newsletter) is present in electronic media. Moreover, 2015 has also seen the publishing of the first three books of the VERITAS Books series as well as the first (2014) yearbook.

And the latest creations from the Institute are the two books with which the VERITAS Booklet Series debuts. The editor of the series is Gábor Ujváry, the Interwar Period Subject Team Leader. Both works are characterized by a high level of preparation, analysis and deduction; unique perspectives; research of primary sources; outstanding documentation and thorough citations. However, the books, 125- and 126-pages respectively, remain accessible to the general public and are written in an easily understandable style.

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