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27 August 2015

The Hungarian government expressed the collective sorrow of the nation when it unveiled a memorial to honor those Jews who had been deported and brutally murdered in Kamianets-Podilskyi (located in Ukraine today) on August 27-28th, 1941.
Dr. Csaba Latorcai, Deputy State Secretary for Priority Affairs, Dr. Sándor Szakály, the Director of the VERITAS Research Institute for History, and Péter Kirschner, the President of the Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association, all gave speeches.

“The erecting of this memorial helps us collectively heal wounds and grievances suffered in the past, as well as express our sorrow and condolences with those who are mourning,” Csaba Latorcai said in his speech.
KPfénykép1IMG 4447 260One of the first mass executions to occur during WWII took place in July 1941, following the deportations from what was Hungarian territory at the time, when tens of thousands of Jews fell victim. The snuffing out of their innocent lives was a tremendous loss and an irremediable, inhumane act.
The Deputy Secretary thanked the Ukrainian state and local governments, as well as the social organizations, for their selflessness and commitment in helping to make the memorial a reality. Moreover, this support is particularly valuable in light of the situation in which Ukraine finds itself currently, wherein it has been forced to fight for its territorial integrity and sovereignty, all the while facing economic, social and humanitarian depression.  
He closed his speech with one of St. Stephen’s admonitions to his son Imre, reminding us that “…all men are born in the same condition, and nothing elevates except humility, while nothing brings us low like pride and hatred”.

With the following words Sándor Szakály honored those who had been pointlessly put to death:

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