VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

A conference in Sárospatak

27. - 29. August 2015

On August 27 – 29th, 2015, the István Hajnal Circle - Social History Association – for the first time in twenty years – put the topic of education on its main agenda. Since the 1996 conference in Zalaegerszeg, much new research had been done on educational approaches, and many new findings had seen the light of day. To introduce these to the general public, as well as to debate the merits therein, a 3-day conference titled Iskola, művelődés, társadalom (School, Education and Society) was held, organized together with the help of the Sárospatak Calvinist College Collection.

On the second day of the conference, Kálmán Árpád Kovács, Research Fellow at the VERITAS Research Institute for History, gave the first presentation in the Knowledge via Schooling section. He spoke about the role that religious education played during the era of the Dual Monarchy. His presentation was titled The “Let’s Strengthen the Calvinistic Identity of our Schools!” Program at the Turn of the Century.


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