VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

04. - 06. October 2015

The topics of the program series titled “Trans-border Hungarian Literature Days”, which were held in Székesfehérvár from October 4 – 6th, were signs of political and societal changes as reflected in literature and their influence in literary circles. Writers, literary historians, poets, artists and political scientists from Transylvania, Subcarpathia and Vojvodina met in Székesfehérvár for the three-day series, which the Vörösmarty Society hosted.

József Lukácsy, Vice President of the Vörösmarty Society, opened the event, speaking about the current circumstances of the trans-border Hungarians. On Sunday, Zsolt Attila Borbély, a political scientist from Arad (RO), in connection with his book A Quarter Century of Transylvanian-Hungarian Advocacy, spoke about the past twenty-five years’ political direction. On Monday, literary historian Béla Pomogáts introduced Sándor Makkai’s Dead Sea, a book considered a symbolic work about the Transylvanian Mezőség’s unique world. (Makkai was a former president of the Hungarian Writers’ Association.)

Among those invited to present were Sándor Szakály, historian and Director of the VERITAS Research Institute for History; István Cs. Varga, literary historian; István Tari, poet, artist and movie director; Gyula H. Szabó, publicist and editor; Fábián László Vári, poet and writer; Margit Szőcs, writer and editor; László Domonkos, writer and publicist; Vilma Marcsók, writer and teacher; Attila Büki, poet, writer and artist; and Márton Falusi, poet and editor.


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