VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

The Night of the Archives 2015

17 October 2015

On Saturday, October 17th, between 3 and 11 PM, the National Archives of Hungary will organize the Night of the Archives, where visitors will be welcomed at two different locations, the Bécsi kapu (Gate of Vienna) and on Lángliliom Street, to partake in numerous activities. There is no price for admission. Miksa Róth and Ignác Semmelweis will be commemorated with an exhibition and film screening. For those interested in genealogy, there will be a roundtable discussion and interactive presentation. Documents related to two hundred years of Hungarian industry will also be on display. Additional programs include literary readings, live music and a visit to the archives.

Gábor Ujváry, Subject Team Leader at the VERITAS Research Institute for History, and Ferenc Glatz will both talk about the life and works of Kuno Klebelsberg in their respective presentations titled Kuno Klebelsberg and the National Archives of Hungary and The “Discovery” of Kuno Klebelsberg. Also, a book titled Kultúra nélkül nincs Magyarország (There is no Hungary without Culture) that Ujváry coauthored with Beatrix Vertel will be introduced to the public. The nearly 200-page tome, which includes period photographs, posters, newspaper excerpts and other archival material, acquaints the reader with the successful endeavors of one of the nation’s most outstanding ministers of culture ever.


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