VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

17 November 2015

At their meeting on November 17th, 2015, which was chaired by Péter Boross, the Board of Advisors of the VERITAS Research Institute for History had nearly two years of existence to review. At this year-end board session, Sándor Szakály, VERITAS Director, and Endre Marinovich, Deputy Director, gave a summary appraisal of the Institute’s direction and of the work being done. Afterwards, the members of the board reviewed next year’s agenda.

In his introductory remarks Péter Boross said that the endeavors of the past nearly two years had proved the wisdom of founding the VERITAS Institute, its raison d'être being fundamentally justified by its imitable objectivity in terms of values.

In summarizing the past almost two years, Sándor Szakály said that it had taken nearly six months of preparation for the Institute to lay down the necessary foundation. Academic endeavors included issuing publications, organizing conferences and participating in PhD programs. Concerning the latter, with the exception of two research fellows who were currently working on their dissertations, the entire VERITAS research team had the required academic credentials. Additionally, four research fellows had successfully applied for support via the National Cultural Fund. 

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