VERITAS Research Institute and Archives

15 December 2015

Continuing its successful Budapest-based series of roundtable discussions for its regulars, the Central European Association Club Pannonia (KEP) will meet again on December 15th, at 5 PM at the restaurant located in the Thomas Hotel (Budapest, IX. kerület, Liliom u. 46.), where the topic to be discussed will be Dr. Péter’s Gantner’s book “The Struggle of the Hungarian Diplomats at the Paris Peace Conference”, which is about the 1946 Paris Peace Conference. The author himself will appear as a special guest, while the moderator of the event will be Dr. Endre Marinovich, KEP co-chair and Deputy Director for the VERITAS Research Institute for History.

In WWII, Hungary – as in WWI – took the losing side. And the punishment was forthcoming. The victors – although many thought a just world order was in the making – caused tremendous disappointment. They sought vengeance in their best interests. Instead of bringing about a just world order, they punished the losing side, humiliating the weak.
Historian Péter Gantner, in that engrossing style that we associate with him, takes the reader behind the scenes of the Paris Peace Conference, introduces the Hungarian diplomats who led the delegation (Pál Auer, István Kertész and Aladár Szegedy-Maszák) and lays out the political struggles these men had to deal with. None of them shunned their duties: like many other non-communist politicians and diplomats of the 1945-1947 coalition years, their roles had been downplayed or ignored by the collective conscious. The endeavors of these three men have not been properly analyzed until now, even though their struggles in the nation’s interests were exemplary.