VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

László Anka’s Talkative Pictures

13 December 2015

Per the initiative of Magdolna Kovács, the mayor of Tóalmás, a township in Pest County, every family of the community has received a local history book as a Christmas gift from the town council. As a result of László Anka’s archival research, as well as the locals’ assistance in terms of providing historical information, old photos and interesting documents, TALKATIVE PICTURES – The History of Tóalmás, from the Founding to Today has been written. The book was introduced to the public on December 13th, 2015, at which time the locals received their gift copy.

The mayor had asked László Anka, the deputy mayor of Tápiószecső, the neighboring township, to write the book, since he was also a Research Fellow at the VERITAS Research Institute for History in Budapest. The idea for the book had first seen the light of day in spring, almost by accident, when Anka, as part of a celebratory event in Tápiószecső, had shared the story of how the serfs of Tápiószecső and those of Tóalmás had gotten into a fight at a market during the Middle Ages.
The new book goes into detail about how and where the township’s name had first appeared in official documentation, the history of the local castle, the people, local architecture and folklore. He also highlights those locals who had fought in the world wars, the township’s participation in the events of the 1956 Revolution, as well as the “historical events” related to the decades of socialist rule.