VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

26 November 2015

On November 26th, 2015, an introductory program was held to promote the work of the University History Research Group of MTA-ELTE.

Formed in summer 2013, the research group had done its initial work in three different topics. The first area was the completion of a database of those Hungarian students attending university abroad during the middles ages, using the most recent domestic and foreign research findings, including examining student carrier paths. The second area was researching the academic-related data of those students who had attended one of the Carpathian Basin-located domestic higher education institutions (both state and parochial) at any time from the beginning of the 16th century to 1850, and then securing this information in computer database format. The third area was compiling and analyzing archived source material of Hungarian higher education post-1945 that had not yet been researched. The work of the research group was in line with the National University History Committee’s 2012-initiated collaboration efforts, which provided the framework by which the participating nations’ student databases (related to both the Middle Ages and the Modern Age) would be tied together, thereby creating an international university history database.

The presentations touched upon all three topics. Teréz Oborni, Director of the Early Modern History Research Team at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Research Center for the Humanities - Institute of History, evaluated the recently completed five-volume publication series of Transylvanian university admissions.
Gábor Ujváry, Subject Team Leader at the VERITAS Research Institute for History, introduced the two peregrinated data caches that the group published: “Hungary-based Student Admissions” Volumes 21 and 22. Volume 21, compiled by three authors, covers the universities in the Austrian and Czech provinces (with the exception of Vienna), Croatian territories and Galicia. In total twenty-five higher education institutions, universities, technical universities, academies and art institutes were analyzed to determine the number of Hungary-based students attending, which to be exact was 6,992 students over the course of the long 19th century. Together with Volume 22, which looked at the number of Hungary-based students attending institutions in Vienna (12,500), the picture was completed.
Finally, the research group’s website was demoed, closing the conference.


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