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09 January 2016

On January 9th, 2016, an academic conference took place in Szatmárnémeti (Satu Mare, RO) titled An Accounting of the Historical Past – A Discussion in Connection to a Commemorative Inscription. The objective of the event was to clarify the legitimacy and historical veracity of the “Horthyist-Fascist-Hungarian” phrase. The organizer of the event was Híd Egyesület, and the location was the new hall of the Szatmár-Láncos Reformed Church. Presentations were held by Dr. Sándor Szakály, Dr. Ottmar Trasca, Sándor Thoroczkay and Dr. Dávid Turbucz.

The “Horthyist-Fascist-Hungarian” phrase is ahistorical, indefensible and should be scrubbed!

With the involvement of historians and experts – in the wake of last October’s forum – the legitimacy and historical veracity of the “Horthyist-Fascist-Hungarian” phrase were once again clarified. At the earlier meeting the participants had come to the conclusion that the “deportations carried out by the Horthy-Fascist-Hungarian Regime” phrase should be replaced with “deportations carried out under the Nazi occupation with the involvement of the authorities”.  

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