VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

A new series of historical lectures, with the support of VERITAS

11 February 2016

The Association of Zsuzsanna Lorántffy for the Development of the Bodrog-Tisza Region (The Lorántffy Zsuzsanna a Bodrogköz Fejlesztéséért Társulás) and the VERITAS Research Institute for History will together launch a new series of historical lectures called The History of Our Times (1867-1994), to be hosted in Királyhelmec (Kráľovský Chlmec, SK). Running from February 11th to June 2nd, 2016, nine lectures will take place at the Bodrogköz Hungarian Community Center (the Bodrogközi Magyar Közösség Ház), one every other Thursday, starting at 5 PM. Our Institute’s historians will be discussing the most important events of the last one hundred fifty years of our nation’s history, from the Compromise of 1867 to the endeavors of the Antall-Boross governments.

Lorántffy Akadémia - meghivo korrigált


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