VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

Gábor Ujváry and Tibor Zinner to represent the VERITAS Institute

04 February 2016

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences Center for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies (MTA TK JTI) has organized a roundtable discussion titled The 1946 and 2015 Bálint Hóman Verdicts: Historical and Legal Points of View for 2 PM on Thursday, February 4th, 2016, in the MTA TK JTI conference hall.

The participants include: Tamás Hoffman (MTA TK JTI), Miklós Hollán (MTA TK JTI), Gábor Ujváry (The VERITAS Research Institute for History), Krisztián Ungváry (National Széchényi Library, The 1956 Hungarian Revolution Department) and Tibor Zinner (The VERITAS Research Institute for History). The discussion will be moderated by András Jakab (MTA TK JTI).

In the first half of the roundtable discussion, the participants will analyze the guilty verdict against Hóman on war crime charges, made on August 17th, 1946, by the People’s Tribunal. Then in the second half, Hóman’s 2015 rehabilitation by the Metropolitan Court of Budapest will be the focus.


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