VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

GULAG Film Nights

24 March 2016

On the occasion of the GULAG Memorial Year, the VERITAS Research Institute for History and Tabán Artmozi (Art Films) are together hosting a number of film nights related to the GULAG. The series runs from March 3rd to May 5th, 2016, at the Tabán Cinema. The next screening will take place at 6 PM on Thursday, March 24th.

Moviegoers will have the opportunity to watch excerpts from Sándor Sára’s taboo-defying documentaries, listening to poignant testimony from those who spent time in the hell that was the GULAG. We can only guess at the number of Hungarians sent to the Soviet prison camps. For many years no one could talk publicly about the fate of these men and women. In his Hardtimers – Hungarians in the GULAG documentary series, Sándor Sára has sat down with fourteen survivors to talk about their years in the GULAG.  

For the third showing, the eighth installment (2004) of the Hardtimers documentary series is scheduled. Magda Háy-Erdensohn was born in Berlin. In 1933 she arrived in the Soviet Union. The NKVD paid special attention to her husband, too, as he had also lived in Germany earlier. Háy-Erdensohn was sentenced to so-called administrative exile in 1938, following in her husband’s footsteps. She would give birth to their child in the prison camp. Through her example we can witness the irrational fear of the Soviet authorities of anything and anyone arriving from the outside world.

The host of the evening will be Dávid Ligeti, Research Fellow at the VERITAS Institute.

There is no entry fee. Tickets may be picked up at the Tabán box office (1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 87-89).