VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

15. - 17. August 2016

The Hungarian Historical Society, its Southern-Transdanubian branch and Kronosz Publishers plan to mutually host a conference in Zamárdi in August to take a deeper look at one of the most exiting themes of historiography: the historical individual. That is, a given historical figure’s place in history and the methodology of writing historical biographies.  

The main goal of the conference is to provide an opportunity for researchers who write historical biographies to receive guidance on methodology from seasoned historians. At the same time the conference could be interesting for those associated with history instruction in either higher education or public educational institutions, or individuals who simply have a hunger for history. The conference will not deal solely with questions of a theoretical nature; opportunities for training in methodology will also be in focus. Distinguished researchers and instructors will discuss historical individuals. We expect twelve presentations, focusing mainly on Hungarian (with some foreign as well) historical figures’ biographies and on how to write them. We will take a look at methodological issues and opportunities that may arise when writing about personalities, positions, situations and peculiarities of a given era. In the theoretical section, the participants will debate the lessons and substance of what will have transpired earlier at the conference.

Among the presenters will be:

György Kövér – Doctor of Science (DSc) at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and professor

Gábor Gyáni – Academician and professor

Mária Ormos – Academician and professor emeritus

György Hunyadi – Academician and professor

Ferenc Erőss – Doctor of Science (DSc) at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and professor

Zoltán Kőváry – Senior lecturer

Sándor Szakály, Director of the VERITAS Research Institute for History, will use the example of the Hungarian officer corps during the interwar era to explain the relationship between biography and collective biography, while Gábor Ujváry, Subject Team Leader at VERITAS, will compare and contrast the academician and politician sides of Bálint Hóman.