VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

12 April 2016

The VERITAS Research Institute for History will commemorate the memory of the outstanding geographer and politician, Pál Teleki, who passed away seventy-five years ago, on April 3rd, 1941, with a memorial conference. Teleki led Hungary during very trying times: in 1920-1921 as the head of a government many considered doomed, and in 1939-1941 as prime minister, trying to save Hungary’s sovereignty and keep her out of the war in the face of an ever-strengthening Germany. After 1920 he played a major role in bringing about the conditions for political and economic consolidation, while after 1939 he endeavored to steer Hungary clear of the war.

Among the participants will be: János Kubassek, the Director of the Hungarian Geographic Museum; Péter Szabó, military historian; Gábor Nyári, PhD candidate, whose work on Teleki’s second stint as prime minister has recently appeared; and three research fellows from the Miklós Horthy Era Research Team of the VERITAS Research Institute for History (Gábor Hollósi, András Joó and László Orosz).