VERITAS Research Institute and Archives

In their blog post entitled History in the (un)making: Historical revisionism in Viktor Orbán’s Hungary, Meilin Scanish and Norman Eisen refer to the VERITAS Research Institute and Archives as “Orban’s”.

Our response: We adamantly reject the “partisan” label. The VERITAS Institute was founded by the government of Hungary when the National Assembly passed Government Regulation 373/2013 (X.25.). The Institute was created to study the past one hundred fifty years of Hungarian history focusing on three specific periods:

  1. Era of the Austro-Hungarian (Dual) Monarchy (1867-1918)
  2. The Interwar Era (1918-1945)
  3. Post-WWII Era (1945-1994)

On more than one occasion, VERITAS Director Dr. Sándor Szakály has said the following: “Not only should one never lie or falsify, but for a researcher, it is strictly forbidden.”

Our historians endeavor to live up to his words.