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In his* article “When the Prime Minister Said, ‘They Really Love Interest’, Everyone in Hungary Knew Who He Meant”, Justin Spike refers to VERITAS Institute Director Sándor Szakály as one of the “virulently anti-Semitic figures [who] have been elevated to prestigious [Orbán] government-financed posts”. Mr. Spike then alludes to what Dr. Szakály said about the 1941 Kaminits-Podilskiy massacre: Sándor Szakály, a historian well-known for referring to the 1941 deportation and subsequent killing of Hungarian Jews as an “immigration procedure”.

Comment: The following can be read from Sándor Szakály’s MTI interview conducted on January 17th, 2014: “ contrast to the general image of Hungary in WWII, it should also be noted that truly significant suffering by Hungarian Jewry occurred upon the occupation of Hungary by German troops on March 19th, 1944, from which point the sovereignty of the country was severely limited. He suggested that several historians had come to the conclusion that the first deportation from Hungary during WWII had taken place in Kaminits-Podilskiy in 1941, but that in his opinion this action could be instead referred to as an immigration procedure, for those without Hungarian citizenship were sent there. He also emphasized that when it became known that many of the deportees had been killed, Hungarian Minister of the Interior Ferenc Keresztes-Fischer allowed repatriation to Hungary on their behalf.”


* is the English-language page of, which is considered the leading leftwing online news portal in Hungary.