VERITAS Research Institute and Archives

On October 1st, 2020, H. E. Mr. Kumar Tuhin, Ambassador of India to Hungary, visited the VERITAS Institute for a meeting with Director Sándor Szakály and Deputy Director Endre Marinovich. Translator László Varjú sat in and interpreted for the three gentlemen. The discussion focused on the endeavors of the VERITAS Institute, the importance of history in the lives of nations and the role history plays in bringing otherwise disparate countries together. Although India lies more than six thousand kilometers from Hungary, there are several noteworthy figures from the past, such as Sándor Csoma de Kőrös, the great Hungarian philologist who spent two decades studying Buddhism and the Tibetan language in India, that link the two countries in history and friendship. Ambassador Tuhin’s visit was the first of its kind in the life of the VERITAS Institute.