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The editorial staff of ГУМАНИТАРНЫЕ И ЮРИДИЧЕСКИЕ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ (HUMANITIES AND LAW STUDIES), a quarterly periodical published by North-Caucasus Federal University in Stavropol, Russia, has launched a 3-part series of studies in Russian on the history of the ethnic Hungarian minorities of Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia.

  • Attila Simon’s study From Refusal to Acceptance: The First Years of the Hungarian Minority in Czechoslovakia (1919–1925) can be found in Issue No. 2/2020.
  • Nándor Bárdi and Gábor Egris study A Policy on the Ruins of an Empire? Political Activity and Social Organization of the Hungarian National Minority in Greater Romania can be found in Issue No. 3/2020.
  • Árpád Hornyák writes about the Hungarian minority in Yugoslavia in Issue No. 4/2020 (not yet available).

For the first time since the System Changeover in 1990, Hungarian historical analysis on the Treaty of Trianon and its consequences is accessible in the Russian language. Our college Attila Seres was the initiator of the project and also chief editor of the translated studies.