VERITAS Research Institute and Archives

The Board of Advisors of the Bezerédj Foundation has chosen VERITAS Senior Research Fellow Dávid Ligeti as the recipient of the Bezerédj Prize for 2020. Dr. Zoltán Bezerédj established the award in 1993 as a means of honoring the memory of his distinguished forbears and to recognize brilliant contemporary achievement in the fields of art and science. 

Dr. Ligeti graduated from Piarista Secondary School in Budapest before majoring in History and Latin at Eötvös Loránd University. He earned his PhD in History in 2014. He worked at the Ministry of Human Capacities before joining the Era of the Dual Monarchy Research Team as a Research Fellow at the VERITAS Research Institute and Archives. He was promoted to Senior Research Fellow in 2019. He is a member of several academic associations including the National High School Academic Competition. As a university student, Dr. Ligeti earned the Scholarship of the Hungarian Republic, and with the assistance of the Austro-Hungarian Action Foundation, spent several months in Austria, where he conducted research at the Austrian State Archives and its associated institutions. He speaks German and English at an advanced level, and since he had originally planned to study classical philology, his Latin is excellent as well.

One of his generation’s most talented historians, Dávid Ligeti focuses his energies on researching the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the military and political history of World War I, writing his studies with strict adherence to the rules required by the discipline. Thanks to his education and enthusiasm for continued learning, he is well versed not only in his main research subject matters, but also other historical eras. In the past few years, he has also written extensively on the Hungarian Soviet Republic and the Treaty of Trianon. For his young age, Dr. Ligeti has written a prodigious number of studies and reviews, while also taking a role in editing several volumes of other works. Recently, he has published as a free-standing volume a more comprehensive version of his doctoral dissertation in which he recounts the life and career of Colonel General Arthur Arz von Straussenburg, the last Chief of the General Staff of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.


Bezeredj Ligetis