VERITAS Research Institute and Archives

Senior Research Fellow

The Post-1945 Era Research Team

Curriculum Vitae

Place and date of birth: Nagykanizsa, June 7th, 1968

VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives
H-1093 Budapest, Zsil utca 2–4.
Telephone: +36 1 896 1029
Mobile: +36 30 1655761


2007 University of Kaposvár, Habilitated Doctor, Management and Organizational Science
2000 University of Pécs, PhD, Historiography
1999–2001 Budapest University of Technology, Public Education Administration
1993–1996  Eötvös Loránd University, Political Science
1987–1992  University of Pécs, History-Russian major

Landler Jenő High School, Nagykanizsa, matriculation examination


2019–  VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives, Senior Research Fellow
2019–  Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, Associate Professor, Budapest

University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Education / Institute of Social Sciences and Culture, Head of Department

2012–2015  University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Education / Institute of Social Sciences and Culture Associate Professor
2009–2012  University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Education, Department of Social Sciences, Associate Professor
2005–2009  University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Economics / Department of Economics and Countryside Policy, Head of Department / Associate Professor
1998–2005  University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Arts, Department of Social Theory, Deputy Director (responsible for academic work and the management thereof)
1992–2005  University of Kaposvár, Department of Social Sciences, Intern, Lecturer, College Associate Professor
1992–2005  Kaposvár Catholic High School, Educator


2014–  University of Pécs, Education and Social Pedagogy Doctoral School, member
2003–  Hungarian Academy of Sciences General Assembly, member
2003–  Hungarian Regional Academic Association, member
2002– Hungarian Education Society, member
2002– Hungarian Historical Society, member
2002–  University of Kaposvár, Budgeting and Organizational Science Doctoral School, founding member / core member
1999–  Pécs Academic Committee Urban and Local History Working Committee, member
1993–  Veszprém Academic Committee, Philosophy and Political Science Working Committee member
1993– Political Science Association, member


2010–2014 Rector Conference Social Science Committee, member
2004– Church Historiography Research Team Leader, Kaposvár
2004– Church Historiography Research Team, with the participation of the Archbishop of Veszprém – College of Religious Studies
1996– Somogy County Intellectuals, member
1995–  Local History Association of Somogy County, member



Acta Socialium Scientarium, Editorial Board member


2010 Baka József Award, in the area of research, development and innovation
2010  Hungarian Golden Cross of Merit
2008 For Hungarian Higher Education commemorative plaque
2001  Historiography Competition of the Academic Committee of Pécs, 3rd place, Academic Committee of Pécs
2000  Historiography Competition of the Academic Committee of Pécs, 1st place, Academic Committee of Pécs
1999 Historiography Competition of the Academic Committee of Pécs, 3rd place, Academic Committee of Pécs
1998 Magyar Napló Competition, special award
1993 Historiography Competition of the Foundation of Political History, 2nd place, Foundation of Political History


2013 Campus Hungary scholarship
2005 Faludy Ferenc Academy, research scholarship
2003 Institute of Political History, research scholarship
2003 20th Century Institute, research scholarship
1997 Századvég School of Policy, research scholarship


  • German, advanced
  • Russian, advanced


  • Analysis of Church policy in the southern Trans-Danubian region 
  • Analysis of political preferences in Somogy County
  • Quality control systems in public and higher education
  • The impact of 21st-century globalization on European and Hungarian economic, social and political processes
  • The struggle between Church and State per the sources of the Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security
  • Networks in modern economics and society; the endeavors of secret service networks in the global world; the global challenges of the 21st century
  • National Church policy; the role and significance of underground churches


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