VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives


Dr. h. c. Dr. Péter Boross, ex-Prime Minister of Hungary


Dr. László Sömjéni 

Board members

Lajos Fodor, retired general, special and plenipotentiary ambassador (February 2015 – )

Prof. Dr. habil. György Haraszti, PhD, Jewish Theological Seminary – University of Jewish Studies, university professor, The Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Centre for the Humanities – Institute of History, academic advisor

Prof. Dr. habil. György Gyarmati, Doctor of Science (DSc) – The Hungarian Academy of Sciences, University of Pécs, university professor, Historical Archives of Hungarian State Security, retired director

Prof. Dr. Béla Kádár, member of The Hungarian Academy of Sciences, ex-government minister, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary   

Prof. Dr. András Ludányi, professor emeritus, Ohio Northern University

​Prof. Dr. habil. András Patyi, PhD, university professor, National University of Public Service, rector, National Election Commission, chairman

Dr. György Schamschula, Dr. univ., ex-government minister

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